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Reading: Dynamic Analysis Related with Safety for Three Wheeler


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Section I

Dynamic Analysis Related with Safety for Three Wheeler


W. K. R. Peiris ,

NERD Centre., LK
About W. K. R.

Research Fellow, MIE(Sri Lanka),

Eng., B.Sc.Eng, Mphill, CEng,

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K. Y. H. D. Shantha,

NERD Centre, LK
About K. Y. H. D.

Director (Technical), 

Eng., B.Sc.Eng, MSc, AMIE(Sri Lanka),

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S. A. P. S. Silva

NERD Centre, LK
About S. A. P. S.

Research Engineer,

Eng., B.Sc.Eng (First Class Hons), AMIE(Sri Lanka),

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Three Wheeler is a very popular vehicle in passengers transporting as well as goods delivering in Sri Lanka. The statistics show that the accidents relate to three-wheeler are becoming significantly exceeding its proportionality in transportation sector. The simple kinematics of threewheeler has reduced its cost but also has increased its instability. The triangular wheel base has increased the instability of three wheeler above two wheels and four wheelers. The intention of this paper is to identify and classify the main modes of accidents related to three wheeler and to develop a dynamic simulation model to mimic the behaviour of a three wheeler under various driving torques, turning radius, topology, location of centre of gravity. Then from this simulation it is interfered basic safe driving conditions.
How to Cite: Peiris, W.K.R., Shantha, K.Y.H.D. and Silva, S.A.P.S., 2016. Dynamic Analysis Related with Safety for Three Wheeler. Engineer: Journal of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka, 49(2), pp.25–31. DOI:
Published on 30 Apr 2016.
Peer Reviewed


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