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Reading: Universal science : part II


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Section II

Universal science : part II


S.D.S. Deshapriya

Road Development Authority, LK
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Senior Engineer,
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This paper is an outcome of a trial carried out to find a common methodology to address the different subjects together using circular thinking pattern which is borrowed from Buddhism rather than addressing them separately. In addition to this , Buddhism which comprises of the perfect structure ,immense innovative power and the broader ways of knowledge gaining are also utilized here to combine the subjects together .

Being pre-qualified with a (spiritual?) birth, Universal Science shows how to overcome the limitations of the present science as the only solution. In this context, US as a concept is emphasized here as the method of reaching climax and achieving maximum benefits without falling to troubles in contrast to the present science & shows that the pattern (circular)thinking together with Buddhist concepts will form the next generation (and end phase?) of science.

Through this paper, for the first time here, it is proposed, to identify US as the new finding of the lost (indigenous) science during invasion , that was followed by the ancestors in the past, and which was being sought for long by the patriotic through out past few decades. Prior to this finding, innovative power of Buddhism has also been revealed by introducing five methods of inventions while raising this as the only culture in the world, having qualified with self innovative powers as a unique identity ,as two more new findings. Hence delaying for so long the finding of the lost science is deemed to be due to the delay in identifying the un-imaginable innovative power of Buddhism as above by the present society, of which is behind all these innovative scenario.

It further claims that the methods of new innovations as the engine of the US which drive the same towards far reaching areas. This paper shows the US as the absolute and authentic path for the development of Sri Lanka in the light of ,due to a fast science for the balance development of any country while more than being the heritage, in line with the fore-fathers.


ENGINEER, Vol. 46, No.03, pp. 33-42 2013

How to Cite: Deshapriya, S.D.S., 2013. Universal science : part II. Engineer: Journal of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka, 46(3), pp.33–42. DOI:
Published on 30 Jul 2013.
Peer Reviewed


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