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From the Editor Vol.42 (4)


T. M. Pallewatta

The Institution of Engineers, LK
About T. M.

Senior Lecturer in Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, The Open University,

Eng. (Dr.), Int. P Eng., C. Eng., FIE(Sri Lanka), MIAE(Sri Lanka), B.Sc. Eng. (Hons) (Moratuwa), M.Eng. (AIT), Dr. Eng. (Tokyo),

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Achieving some thing that everybody deemed 'impossible' had been our forte, according to the illustrious history of this nation. However, in the recent past, many a time, we were accused of living off our history for the want of achievements to show our prowess. But, once again, as have been done so many times in the past, we have amply demonstrated that our nation is just not content being mere slaves to our history, by achieving what local as well as foreign pundits preached as "impossible" - that is, overcoming terrorism without giving in to terrorists. Now, since that deed had been done, we are once again a hopeful nation with a peaceful future to look forward to. The main battle is over, but the war to overcome the challenges of rebuilding a nation devastated by a conflict which ravaged it for over thirty years has only begun. Since, apart from 'Demolition Engineers' all other Engineers are supposed to be 'creators', our expected role in the service to the country has now been given a new significance. In fact, the all encompassing challenge of physically rebuilding this nation is resting on our shoulders more than on any one else. What initiative we take on this challenge today will be talked about by our children in the future. Whether it is in a positive or negative sense, will be decided entirely on our level of dedication today.
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Published on 29 Oct 2009.


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