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Section II

Analysis of Customer Perceptions on the "Quality of Service" in Mobile Communications in Sri Lanka


W. Janak Fernando

Dialog Telekom PLC, LK
About W. Janak

Manager, Access Network operations,

Eng., B.Sc. Eng. (Hons) (Peradeniya), AMIE (Sri Lanka)

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As a step towards ensuring a better quality in the highly competitive mobile communications industry, the study was designed to analyze expectations on the quality of the service characteristics in mobile communication of customers in Sri Lanka. Telecom industry is best described as an industry in its growth phase in Sri Lanka, dominating in the service sector as the main contributor for national GDP. Cellular industry has been the engine of growth in the telecommunications industry and has bagged 70% of the overall telecom industry. Mobile communication is leading the role as prime communication media in Sri Lanka with a penetration of over 30% in year 2007. Mobile customer base has been increasing at a steady phase over last few years and opportunities are still significant for higher and higher number of customers. Operators are at a race of gaining more and more new markets, consequently the Network expansion and capacity upgrades are also at a higher speed. Motivations are much higher towards low cost solutions, to maintain cost per user and there by be competitive in call charges. Low cost capacity enhancements are always contradicting to call quality in mobile communication. Clarity in customer expectation on quality is significant to develop a cost effective balanced network. Players in the service sector are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that their services are customer-focused and that continuous performance improvement is being delivered. Given the financial and resource constraints under which service organizations must manage it is essential that customer expectations are properly understood and measured and that, from the customers' perspective, any gaps in service quality are identified. This information then assists a service provider in identifying costeffective ways of closing service quality gaps and of prioritizing which gaps to focus on. Clarity on perception and gap for satisfaction is vital for operators to effectively utilize scarce resources in telecom industry to ensure optimum service to Customers.
How to Cite: Fernando, W.J., 2009. Analysis of Customer Perceptions on the \"Quality of Service\" in Mobile Communications in Sri Lanka. Engineer: Journal of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka, 42(3), pp.66–76. DOI:
Published on 27 Jul 2009.
Peer Reviewed


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