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From the Editor Vol.42(3)


T. M. Pallewatta

The Institution of Engineers, LK
About T. M.

Senior Lecturer in Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, The Open University,

Eng. (Dr.), Int. P Eng., C. Eng., FIE(Sri Lanka), MIAE(Sri Lanka), B.Sc. Eng. (Hons) (Moratuwa), M.Eng. (AIT), Dr. Eng. (Tokyo)

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What our Engineers achieved, 'once upon a time' with reference to some of the architectural and irrigation structures are beyond comprehension even today. Technological developments of today, projected back to the era of our ancestors where these marvels were created, completely fail to rationalise their modes of creation. In other words we can not explain even with our modern technologies how the very low gradient of 'Yodha Ela' was maintained or how the worlds tallest masonry structure 'Jethawanaramaya' was designed. The bottom line in the above discussion is that we, Sri Lankans, wielded quite advanced as well as practical Engineering Technologies dating back to historical ages, of which we know only a precious little if not practically nothing. However, being the decedents of such capable ancestors, we surely have the genes for creativity, which could have been dormant for a long time for the lack of a conducive environment. With the reestablishment of national dignity, rising from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix, we are once more steering towards being the great nation that we once were. For that, the role we Engineers have to play is of paramount importance. By undertaking national development projects entirely on our 'own steam' we are proving to ourselves more than to the world, our capability, determination and skill. This is the way forward. Let us all salute the bold Engineers who have taken the initiative.
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Published on 27 Jul 2009.


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