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Section II

Conservation of Ancient Dagobas in Sri Lanka


W. N. G. Silva

Ministry of Nation Building, LK
About W. N. G.

Senior Engineering Consultant, Ministry of Urban Development and Sacred area Development and Reconstruction and Development Agency

BSc (Eng), D.I.C.Ae, MIE (SL)

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This paper relates a description of the conservation and restoration works carried out on ancient stupas (dagobas) of Sri Lanka during the past two centuries. The main focus is on the application of engineering techniques while heeding archaeological requirements, in attending to these massive masonry edifices, during the latter part of the 20th century. The Post-restorational failure of the Mirisavetiya Stupa is taken as an example to highlight causes of failure, and how this event coupled with archaelogical requirements led to the shift from complete restoration to conservation of other major stupas such as Jethwanaramaya and Abhayagiriya, is described. Further, application of modern engineering techniques used in circumventing imminent failure of earlier restored stupas such as Tissamaharamaya is described.
How to Cite: Silva, W.N.G., 2007. Conservation of Ancient Dagobas in Sri Lanka. Engineer: Journal of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka, 40(3), pp.41–52. DOI:
Published on 26 Jul 2007.
Peer Reviewed


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